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Hiniker Snow Plows

Hiniker Company has introduced a new line of high-performance trip-edge V-Plows, designed to provide improved performance and smoother operation for professional applications. Twelve laser-cut ribs are incorporated into the high-tensile steel superstructure of the plow, providing exceptional strength for heavy-duty applications. The high-clearance trip-edge design provides enhanced protection. Because each edge trips independently, tripping action is much smoother than with most V-plows.


Hiniker Salt & Sand Spreaders

Spread ice control materials quickly and easily with an efficient Hiniker Spreader...

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Hiniker Mid-Size Plow

The Hiniker Mid-Size 700 series snowplow is designed for the light truck owner who wants to clear their own property...

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Hiniker Steel Conventional Plow

Get professional performance with Hiniker 2000 Series conventional steel straight blade plows...

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Hiniker Conventional Plow

Get Professional Performance with the Hiniker 7000 Series Conventional Snowplow...

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Hiniker Scoop Plow

The Ultimate Snowplow for Professional Use...

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Hiniker Reversible C-Plow

Offers all of the heavy-duty performance of the conventional plow plus the added versatility of a high-performance backdrag plow...

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Hiniker V-Plow

Put more muscle on the job with the leaner, stronger 9000 series V-Plows from Hiniker...

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Hiniker VF Plow

The new Hiniker 9000 Series V-Plows offer the versatility that only a V-Plow can, now available with deep-curl flared wings to...

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