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Omaha Standard

Omaha Standard products have set the industry standard for more than 80 years and we offer the widest selection of truck equipment available from one manufacturer. Our nationwide network of dedicated professional truck equipment distributors insure prompt delivery, quality installation, and outstanding service.

Our electrocoat paint process (e-coat) gives you the ultimate in coverage and rust resistance. If you have special equipment needs, we can custom build to your exact specifications. For more information contact us.



Omaha Standard Aluminum Badger Body

The attractive all aluminum “Badger” bodies are...

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Omaha Standard Badger All-Purpose Truck Body

The “Badger” All-Purpose Truck Body is ideal for...

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Omaha Standard Line Body

Omaha Line Bodies have standard features that make them rugged, long lasting and efficient. And with...

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Omaha Standard Olympic Series Hoist

The high capacity Olympic Series Hoists provide remarkable...

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Omaha Standard Platform and Stake Body

The heavy-duty welded construction, high-grade materials and user friendly design insures...

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Omaha Standard Scissor Hoist

From 5 ton to 33 ton capacities…a precision engineered hoist to fit your needs for any truck...

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Omaha Standard Service Body

Omaha Standard Service Body features...

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Omaha Standard Service Vehicle (OSV)

Omaha Standard Service Vehicle (OSV) features...

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Omaha Standard The General Body

Omaha Standard’s General body is the right choice for a wide range of applications...

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