Truck Utilities is a distributor of Snow and Ice fighting equipment for Hiniker, Swenson, Kage, Machinability and even our Leo Plow. So if you need a plow or sander or other snow fighting equipment Truck Utilities is here to help you and your snow fighting needs.


Hiniker Salt & Sand Spreaders

Spread ice control materials quickly and easily with an efficient Hiniker Spreader...

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Swenson PV Spreader

Swenson Spreader, the undisputed leader in spreader equipment and technology, the PV Spreader...

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Swenson Spreader Poly Hawk

Swenson Spreader, the recognized leader in spreader equipment and technology, introduces the new patent pending Poly Hawk Corrosion Resistant Conveyor V-Box Spreader...

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Swenson Spreader Tailhawk

When you need to quickly spread ice melting material, so you can move onto the next job, get a Tailhawk Spreader from Truck Utilities...

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Swenson X2 PV Spreader

One of the many features found on the Swenson Spreader X2 Solution is an integrated pre-wet system included in the side of the hopper...


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