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Swenson Sanders and Spreaders

Our improved production methods, sophisticated engineering equipment, plant expansion, research and development resources and employees dedicated to quality craftsmanship has positioned Swenson Spreader as the leader in the ice and snow control industry. Our experience is your guarantee of the best product, best service and the best possible value. The focus and positive attitude of the entire Swenson team continues a tradition of quality and innovation. No one makes more spreaders than Swenson. No one makes them better. Customer expectations continue to motivate our industry leadership.


Swenson PV Spreader

Swenson Spreader, the undisputed leader in spreader equipment and technology, the PV Spreader...

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Swenson Spreader Tailhawk

When you need to quickly spread ice melting material, so you can move onto the next job, get a Tailhawk Spreader from Truck Utilities...

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Swenson X2 PV Spreader

One of the many features found on the Swenson Spreader X2 Solution is an integrated pre-wet system included in the side of the hopper...


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