Air-N-Arc Air Compressors, Generators, Welders

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Introducing Air N Arc's all-in-one air compressor, welder, and AC generator.

Turn one key to start one engine. Use an air wrench to loosen a stubborn, rusted nut. Pick up the welding leads and fortify the cracked support. Smooth sharp edges with a 4 1/2 inch angle-head grinder. Do all of this with a unit that takes no more space than a portable engine-driven air compressor. Reclaim valuable space in the bed of your service vehicle or work truck with the compact combination of power sources that fits your business the best.

Choose among an air compressor, welder, AC power generator, DC battery charger, or hydraulic pump. One of our models or custom designs will provide the power options you need. Tired of clambering into the bed of your service truck and tripping over parts and cords to start or adjust your compressor or welder? Our remote access panel with all the switches, outlets, and ports tucked right in, lets one operate every function and plug in every tool with two feet planted firmly on the ground. One engine or hydraulic motor drives it all.

All welding and power generating components have "Made in USA" stamped on them and are built by companies that have shown reliability and quality over a period of years. Welding current is adjusted with buttons and a dial located right on the welding stinger. Adjustable while weaving a bead, the days of crawling out from under your repair and into the back of your truck to fine tune the welding arc are history.

The DC welding power source with its high frequency, smooth modulations penetrates up to 20 percent better at any given amperage than a standard DC welder does. Engine throttle setting is manually or automatically controlled, resulting in increased fuel efficiency and longer engine life.

Choose your favorite engine, and let us build one for you. Get your work bed back. Drive it all with one low maintenance motor. Let our compact power system save weight and space for your productivity and bottom line. Be safe and save steps and time with our remote controls.

Let us "Make it in the U.S.A." for you. Explore this website, E-mail us, or give us a call. We're happy to answer any questions, quote prices, or help you choose the "All-in-One" you need.

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