VMAC’s Direct-Transmission Mounted PTO driven air compressors provide up to 70 CFM, without taking up a single inch of deck space. These innovated transmission-powered air compressors are available with or without a hydraulic pump for simultaneous compressed air and hydraulic power.

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If this is an emergency, please contact our service department at (800) 869-1075 or locate the location nearest you on our locations page.

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The VMAC DTM 70 CFM air compressor is a direct-transmission mounted PTO driven air compressor.

This system is the best choice for customers who are concerned with saving space and reducing weight on their service trucks.  The powerful rotary screw air compressor is ideal for operating small to medium sized air tools with high air demand, like 1” impact wrenches, 60 lb jackhammers, backfill tampers, vertical/horizontal grinders and sanders.


  • Air Compressor Output: Up to 70 CFM @ 100 psi (175 psi max)
  • Air Compressor Type: PTO driven, direct transmission mounted, 100% duty cycle, VMAC oil-injected rotary screw
  • PTO (included) Electrically actuated with PTO indicator lamp; CHELSEA® 272 Series (RAM); CHELSEA® 249 Series (Ford)
  • Weight (wet): Approximately 150 lbs (68 kg)
  • Display Box: On/Off function of PTO and compressor
  • LCD display:
    • Service notifications
    • Error message
    • System temperature
  • Throttle Control: Variable speed; adjusts truck engine speed automatically to match air demand.
  • Safety System
    • Automatic compressor heater function
    • Compressor over-temp sensor
    • Automatic rapid blow-down valve on tank
    • 200 psi pressure relief valve
    • Truck drive disable circuit on throttle control
    • Truck park brake safety shut-off switch on control box

Truck Mounting Kits

VMAC designs truck mounting kits for the easiest possible installation.  Working closely with leading truck manufacturers, VMAC ensures that mounting kits do not affect OEM warranties. Mounting kits available for:

  • Ford F-250 to F-550 Power Stroke Diesel
  • RAM 3500 to 5500 Chassis Cab Cummins Diesel


Up to 70 CFM. 100% of the time. 

VMAC DTM70 air compressors use patented rotary screw technology designed to run at 100% duty cycle without stopping, so operators don’t have to wait for their air compressor to fill an air receiver tank. This maximizes tool performance and eliminates downtime.

Decrease truck GVW by up to 260 lbs

VMAC DTM70 air compressors reduce truck weight by as much as 260 lbs. This is because there is no secondary engine to carry around on your truck. And when compared to other under deck air compressors, at only 150 lbs the DTM70 weighs a fraction. Choosing a lightweight air compressor means you’ll be able to add more tools and equipment to your truck, carry more materials, or take advantage of better fuel economy.

Easy operation

VMAC DTM 70 CFM air compressors feature easy to use controls; simply press the on/off button on the digital control box and the system will take care of the rest.  The PTO engages, the compressor turns on, and the throttle control automatically idles the truck engine up and down to match air demand.  For cold climate operation, there is a heater built into the compressor which automatically warms up on the way to the job so it is ready to work when you are.

Easy installation

VMAC DTM 70 CFM air compressors are easy to install, making installation times up to 50% faster than other under deck air compressor systems.  No modifications are required to the RAM or Ford transfer case.  No drive shafts are required to cause alignment issues.  Traditional under deck air compressors for RAM and Ford Super Duty trucks are extremely heavy, have poor ground clearance, and require additional sourcing of components.  VMAC mounting kits are application engineered for RAM and Ford diesel trucks and include all the necessary components.

Free up to 25 cubic feet

VMAC DTM 70 CFM air compressors free up to 25 cubic feet on the truck deck because the air compressor mounts to the transmission, and the rest of the system mounts under the truck. In fact, no components get installed on the truck deck which ensures a clean and professional looking truck, and space for other equipment, tools or materials.

Avoid frustrating breakdowns and maintenance issues

VMAC DTM 70 CFM air compressors are powered by a PTO mounted on the truck’s transmission.  Because they don’t have their own engine that needs constant maintenance, less time and money is spent on fixing engine issues and more time is spent on jobs making money.

Work in any climate

VMAC DTM 70 CFM air compressors are proven to work in any extreme climate.  With an integrated automatic heater, the compressor is ready to work when you are.