Aerial Bucket Truck 3928TGH by Van Ladder

The front entry bucket design makes vehicle positioning quick and easy.

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If this is an emergency, please contact our service department at (800) 869-1075 or locate the location nearest you on our locations page.

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In most cases operators were able to drive straight to the desired work location without backing the vehicle into position.

When the unit is in the stowed position the bucket is tilted up for maximum visibility during travel. To begin operating the unit simply tilt the bucket down and step in through the rear, hook your safety lanyard to the D-Ring and you are ready to go.

Van Ladders are designed for easy ground level access. To move the bucket to the ground: the unit is first lifted out of the rest cradle; then rotated to either side of the vehicle. The boom may then be lowered and extended to allow the operator to access the bucket as well as transfer tools and materials.

Van Ladder offers a working height perfect for parking lots and street lighting work. Most competitors working heights are measured with the bucket directly above the vehicle. Many times this results in a loss of usable working height. Not so with the Van Ladder.

At its highest point the operator will still be able to reach over obstacles. The side reach of Van Ladder is also generous when parked in a convenient forward position. Van Ladder is capable of reaching across common store front signage without the need to reposition the vehicle.

During typical operation it is not necessary to run the vehicles engine. Unlike conventional hydraulic lifts, the Van Ladder is powered by two deep cycle batteries. This efficient system translates into little or no fuel consumption at the job site. Lifting and lowering the unit is accomplished by means of a unique rolling fulcrum design. A single hydraulic cylinder with an electric pump offers smooth fast operation.

Whenever the unit is lifting or lowering an electric actuator automatically ensures that the bucket stays level.

A standard feature on every Van Ladder is 360 degrees continuous rotation. This eliminates frustrating stop point that is common on other lifts.

All three directional functions of the Van Ladder are able to be operated simultaneously or independently, without causing speed or power fluctuations. This makes the Van Ladder the perfect tool for getting the job done as quickly and safely as possible. Ground controls, batteries and charging components are tucked out of the way; but are still easily accessible. Operators can use the corded control to operate Van Ladder functions. They can also use this simple voltage gauge to check battery levels as well as disconnect power to the Van Ladder.

Inside the vehicle the support framework has been engineered to maximize the available cargo area and afford a generous vehicle payload.


  • 24VDC battery bank allows operation of unit without vehicle running.
  • Independent motors for all functions optimize energy efficiency
  • Charge system replenishes battery bank when vehicle is running (Optional 110V overnight charger also available)
  • Durable light weight design for optimal payload and fuel efficiency
  • No significant reduction of cargo space
  • Typical installations require no outriggers
  • Automatic bucket leveling system, utilizing linear actuator
  • 360 degree continuous rotation
  • Quality finished components for superior corrosion protection
  • Environmentally sealed electronic components
  • Ground Controls hardwired with 30ft coil cord for remote maneuvering
  • Ground controls include bucket override function and emergency stop switch
  • Emergency Stop switch located in bucket stops functions from all control locations
  • Hydraulic cylinder with integrated load holding valve for maximum safety
  • Non-skid surfaces on all rungs and platforms
  • Fall arrest anchorage point for operator in bucket
  • Boom and bucket stow lock protects against movement during travel
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI A92.2 and CAN/CSA C225 standards.
  • Can be transferred easily to another vehicle in the future
  • Optional accessories include:
    • 110V power outlet at bucket
    • Bucket tool and parts holders
    • Material handling devices
    • Light bulb and ballast containers
    • Safety beacons
    • Interior shelving for optimized storage