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It’s the end of summer and for tree care specialists it’s a busy time of year. The end of summer brings about severe thunderstorms that cause damage to trees, and the warmer temperatures give tree pests time to proliferate and spread.

When dealing with tree pests, such as the prolific emerald ash borer, tree removal becomes a necessary step to either prevent a tree from becoming infested or to remove a dead tree. The emerald ash borer (EAB) has been spreading throughout the midwest for the last several years, and with over 1 billion ash trees Minnesota has cause for concern. Cities like Saint Paul and Minneapolis, for instance, have taken to removing ash trees outright.

Tree removal dream team

With over fifty years helping tree removal companies choose equipment for their operation, Truck Utilities has never seen a better combination than the Dur-A-Lift Urban Forestry Aerial Bucket Lifts and Barko hydraulic clam lifts. Each of these products are used separately for various purposes, but when they are used in tandem they are perfect for the tree removal business.

The Dur-A-Lift Urban Forestry Unit can get up into the branches of a tree for pruning or limb removal, and the Barko Tree Grapple Truck is used to move heavy limbs and trunks. When used together, both of these incredible products can help maximize your company’s productivity and help mitigate tree damage caused by storms and pests.

Dur-A-Lift Urban Forestry Unit

Experience small size with a big reach. The Urban Forestry Unit (DTAX-45) is the only Class 5 aerial lift with a chipper box in the tree care industry with a reach of 50 feet.

The ease of use that comes with a Dur-A-Lift aerial bucket lift can help turn a four person job into a two person job. The bottom-mounted lift bucket gives users more maneuverability than standard side-mounted buckets. It also includes continuous rotation and a high max height to make it easier to get to the right part of the tree. The Dur-A-Lift aerial bucket lifts can help make jobs quicker and easier, maximizing productivity and minimizing operation costs.

Dur-A-Lift gets you exactly where you have to go with all of the tools you need to do the job right.

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Barko Tree Grapple Trucks

Barko Hydraulic Lifts lead the industry in land clearing/preparation equipment due to their superior quality and expert engineering. These vehicle-mounted loaders are perfect for fuel efficiency and offer enough transportation flexibility to fit a wide range of tree removal services.

The Barko loaders offer the lowest total operation costs and the most increased productivity of similar products on the market.

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Emerald Ash Borer

Since most the the Twin Cities metro area is considered “generally infested” by EAB and summer is a time for particularly nasty storms, it is important for tree removal companies to have the best, most efficient equipment for the job. With the Dur-A-Lift Articulated Aerial Lift trucks and Barko Hydraulic Loaders from Truck Utilities, tree removal specialists can be sure they are working with the best quality equipment around, which saves time and money.

While not the only tree pest out there, these invasive insects have infested large parts of the entire Twin Cities metro area, Duluth, Rochester, and other eastern parts of the state. Minnesota has over 1 billion ash trees which means that an aggressive infestation could have devastating effects on the state’s forests. However, the frigid winter temperatures and actions taken by local municipalities have helped to slow the spread of EAB. Unfortunately, it is not enough to stop the infestation.

While some cities are trying out certain insecticides to help prevent trees from getting infested others are simply removing the ash trees outright. The city of Minneapolis is removing 5,000 ash trees per year to prevent infestation and the public safety risks that come with widespread tree death. If the ash canopy dies out it could lead to a financial liability, as dead branches could break and fall.

However, EAB is not just a problem for local municipalities. The insects are infecting trees on private property as well, killing trees in people’s yards. Many of these trees will need removal, and clients will want the company they hire to work quickly and efficiently.

Storm Damage

Minnesota is known for its extreme weather year round, and the summertime is no exception. Severe thunderstorms are a part of summer weather, and can include strong winds, driving rain, and large hail, all of which can do considerable damage to trees and property.

Storm damaged trees should be taken care of as soon as possible after a storm to help prevent further damage to persons or property, the first priority being imminent threats to life or property. Most of the time, a simple pruning or removal of damaged limbs can suffice, but in the case of a felled tree, it will need to be removed.

In the case of storm damage, tree removal companies are sometimes a necessity. If a felled tree is too large for a client to take care of on their own, they may reach out to professional tree removal, expecting a quick, effective team to take care of their tree removal needs.

Truck Utilities offers many options for your tree removal needs. Contact one of our representatives today for more information!

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