Van Ladder Lifts – Elevating you to new heights!

Van Ladder Lifts and Bucket Trucks are Designed for Ease of Use & Optimum Storage.

The Van Ladder Aerial Bucket Truck is the perfect tool for getting the job done as quickly and safely as possible!

For nearly fifty years, Van Ladder bucket trucks have been adapting their designs to fit changing technologies and have come up with the most unique design on the market. Unlike other lifts, the Van Ladder Bucket Lift has a support structure that was designed to maximize the usable space inside the vehicle. This design has the minimal disruption to the vehicle’s payload so you can load multiple jobs’ worth of tools into the truck, saving you time and money.

The unique rolling fulcrum design of the lift itself is powered by two deep-cycle batteries, which means the vehicle can remain off while at the job site. No more wasting fuel at the job site!

With time-saving features, ease of setup and use, and overall superior design, these trucks are designed with the customer at the forefront of their minds.

Originally designed to serve the cable television industry, Van Ladder Lifts have proven to be efficient in a wide variety of industries

45 feet working height, 28 feet of side reach. No outriggers required!

Ideal For:

  • Sign installation
  • Lighting service
  • Telecommunications
  • Painting
  • Many more!

Standard Lift Features include:

  • Working height – 45 ft (13.7m)
  • Horizontal reach – 28 ft (8.5m)
  • 350 lbs. load capacity
  • No outriggers required
  • Front bumper & Ground level bucket access
  • 360 Continuous Rotation
  • All electric battery power = zero jobsite emissions
  • Best in class remaining vehicle payload
  • No pedestal
  • Interior space wide open
  • Enclosed body keeps tools and materials secure and organized
  • Fuel efficient vehicle options

Come See the Van Ladder Man Lift in Action

Truck Utilities has Ready to Roll Van Ladder Equipped Trucks at All Three Locations: St. Paul, Fargo, and Kansas City. Please call us to schedule a demo of the Van Ladder lift system.

See more photos and request a quote here.

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